Femi One Queening in her new hit song

Female artist Femi one has again dropped a new flame in the music scene dubbed ‘ Hiyo One’

The Singer has leveled up her game to give a new touch to her new single.

The Kaka Empire Queen speaks on her existence in the music industry saying that people thinking that her game is over in the music scene gives her more power to keep her game going.

She also maintains that she is not in the music game to compete with others but is confident that she is unique in her music.

Her previous song was released 4 months ago and with 51000 views on YouTube some Kenyans feel that she could do better.

With her new hit, this counts as a major come back from the lyrics to video quality that puts her song worth being on top of the charts.

A Kaka Empire Presentation 2019 Femi One performing Hiyo One Audio produced by Prvke + The Other Guys Video Directed by Ricky Bekko from Big Dreams Films Femi One styled by Kaka Empire Klothing Make up by Stephanie Cherono Hair by Saul Juma

Have you watched ‘Hiyo One’.Ā  WhatĀ doĀ youĀ thinkĀ aboutĀ FemiĀ One’sĀ music?

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