Embarrassing! Watch These Drunk Slayqueens Fight Shamelessy Over A Guy

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When one goes clubbing, it’s usually a time to release the stresses of the week and enjoy some scintillating music while casually sipping on your drinks.

That’s how it usually starts:

But once the alcohol gets the better of you, some people turn into animals!

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Indeed, these slayqueens showed just how crazy it can be once they get drunk.

Woe unto you if you have girlfriends like these ones!

It seems like the guy in the cap must be giving these women the business, as the drunk lady in black was holding desperately to him shouting I love him! I love him!

While her friend, kept on holding her back telling her Sikuwachii (I’m not letting you have him!)


On a side-note, hats off to the gentlemen in the club, as they did not get themselves involved in all the fruckus these women were causing.

If anything, the guy who was being fought over was particularly chilled with the situation, not getting offended by the friend who was snatching his potential ‘chips funga’ from right under his nose!

Now that’s how you behave, my friend!

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