Angered Ugenya residents leave Orengo scampering for safety

Only days after clashing with AU Envoy Raila odinga over an alleged pact the ODM supremo had with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Siaya Senator James Orengo was left scampering for safety after irate youth attacked his convoy.

Hitting the campaign trail Sunday, the senate majority rumoured to have been summoned by Raila Odinga after making statements that reportedly did not sit well with President Kenyatta found himself at the receiving end of attack by the irked youth.

Over 10 Cars

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His convoy of more than 10 cars was repulsed by youth in Sihayi trading center in East Ugenya Ward, Siaya County. 

He was leading a campaign in the region in support of ODM’s candidate in the Ugenya by-election, Chris Karan. 

The incident left the leaders counting losses after 11 vehicles were damaged when the mob hurled stones at them.

Counting losses

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“I do not know how I will replace the windscreen of the vehicle I had hired because Karan has refused to cater for the repairs,” an ODM supporter told a local daily.

Some of the vehicles extensively damages belonged to Alego-Usonga MP Samwel Atandiand Siaya County Education Executive Mary Olute. 

David Ochieng’

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Orengo and his team blamed the violence on the Movement for Development and Growth candidate David Ochieng’. 

Ochieng, on the other hand, accused ODM of fueling the commotion after sensing defeat.

“James Orengo has decided to make this campaign a personal war between me and him, I am certain that he’s the one who organized this chaos that is going on,” Citizen quoted Ochieng’.

IEBC summons

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The heated battle for the Ugenya Constituency seat made IEBC officials summon all contending candidates on Monday for an emergency security meeting concerning the Sunday incident. 

Ochieng arrived two hours late, arguing that he had to be assured of his security first.

 “I didn’t come here early because I almost got killed here 5 years ago when my opponent (Karan) hired goons and came with machetes and pangas, and I was marooned here for 7 hours,” he explained. 

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