Akothee Buys High End Water Tanks For Drought-Striken People of Turkana County

Kenyan singer popularly known as Akothee has ordered 6 tanks of 10,000 liters from Roto tanks to Turkana residents . This comes just days after she took relief food to the Turkana residents who have been hit hard by the ongoing drought.

She took to social media to announce her latest venture with many Kenyans lauding her for her great initiative to help change lives in drought-hit areas.

Akothee greets Turkana residents when she donated food and water to drought-stricken victims on March 23

Below is what she said.

“I have ordered 6 tanks of 10,000 liters from ROTO TANKS , and they have donated one tank of 5,000 liters for Turkana, the Tanks are leaving on Wednesday enroute Lodwar , Mr Raymond made my work Easy, He immediately undestood exactly what I wanted , thank you soo much for the warm welcoming, you have wonderful staffs sir , #Rototank @akotheesafaris @silverstoneairservices
I have my Longterm employee Mr kamba flying to lodwar tomorrow to go and lay foundation and plumbing before the tanks arrive , he will work hand in hand with the county government & My Turkana Team Mr Raymond and the village elders I love you my people “

Akothee donates foodand water

Sunday saw Akothee invited to Tiaty in Baringo county, for a special crowning ceremony by the Pokot.

The celebrity won the hearts when she raised over Sh3 million for food and water to drought victims in the neighbouring Turkana county.

Pokot women have prepared a full set of a well-decorated traditional skin attire to give Akothee anytime she lands in Baringo.


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