Why Oscar Sudi cannot utter single word in parliament but ‘makes noise in funerals’

As condemnations against tribal slur made by Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi continue to flood social media, a Kenyan wondered why the politician cannot use the floor of the house and utter a single word.

Kenyans have roundly criticised him over his tribal remarks.


While some Kenyans have asked for his immediate arrest, others have said he is an embarrassment to the country.

Sudi had on Sunday made comments demeaning other tribes against Kikuyus and Kalenjins.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, Sudi is heard saying Kalenjins cannot go to war with other tribes because they are toddlers.

He said that the only “real problem” that can be in the country is when there is a fight between Kalenjins and Kikuyus.

“Shida ya Kenya hii ndio watu wapigane ni kati ya Mukikuyu na Mkalenjini na sio nyinyi  watu wengine. Tuna weza control nyinyi ikikuja mambo ya vita. Nyinyi wajaluo huo wakati mwingine mulitupa mawe masaa wawili mkashindwa sababu hamuwezi kusustain vita. Na sisi kwa kabila yetu tunasema hatuwezi pigana na nyinyi sababu nyinyi ni watoto,” Sudi said in part of the video.

But this did not go well with Kenyans who said such statements guarantee Sudi a date with detectives.

One user said, “Oscar Sudi is now preaching war, all in the defence of thieves…. Do we wait until arrows and stones are flying back and forth?”

Another user said, “Ole Kaparo (URP) waiting for an ODM ‘soldier’ to make hatespeech remarks so they can rush to arrest him together with Oscar Sudi in a PR exercise…..”

“Kenyans let no mediocres like OSCAR SUDI brainwash you with doltish talks when they grasp that MIC…. His silly utterances arrays how stupid he is and shameful as Member of Parliament,KAPSERET,” Roy Odhiambo said.

While Junior said the MP should be arrested and locked up, Bel said, “This Oscar Sudi who talks shit will be nowhere to be seen when violence erupts, he’ll be the first one to flee away with his family to safer grounds only to leave the poor to battle alone, awache ujinga . They are obsessed with power”.

Another Twitter user said Sudi should just be ignored because he is a warmonger.

“Hon Oscar Sudi speak on your behalf and your family sir, Kalenjins are beyond your tribal hatred and warmongering. Go to your wars alone and leave the Kalenjin community out of your issues with other communities!! Do your thing in funerals and stop tagging Kalenjins,” another Kenyan said.

Ngure wa Maina‏ said, “Can’t we criminalize this tribalism thing. If you mention a Luo, a Kisii or a Kalenjin in your speech, you go to jail. It creates an us against them mentality while we are all Kenyans. Oscar sudi should style up”.

BraveHeart in his response said, “Oscar Sudi should never worry you since he cannot even worry a fly. As I have said before, no community or person has exclusive rights to threats, blackmail, fear-mongering, and violence. A leader must be able to ascend to the highest seat without employing any of those”.

Hon. William Chepkut‏ said, “Oscar Sudi trying to please his master has no Audacity to speak on behalf of us kalenjins who are not ready to fight anyone even a statue of a kikuyu figure. If Oscar sudi wants war let him arm his children and wife then deploy them to Kisimayu for a half a day”.

“The elite are cheering Oscar Sudi but the masses aren’t. They’re too tribal, too scared to say anything but l can assure you that if violence erupts in #Kenya today, it will be more class war than tribal.A poor Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin are more United by their poverty more than ever,” Boniface Mwangi said.

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