Oscar Sudi: The former Broke Makanga who has Angered Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta shocked the country on Tuesday when he asked anyone who has evidence that he has stolen public money to take him to the DCI.

It is not every day that we see the president loss his cool in public. So who has angered Uhuru this much?

His name is Oscar Sudi. The Kapsaret MP and Ruto’s chief defender said on Sunday that the President should not pretend that he is clean. He accused the Kenyatta family of engineering the JKIA take over.

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So who is Oscar Sudi?

Sudi is one of the faceless hustlers before the 2013 General Election. He came to the limelight after clinching the Kapseret MP sit, albeit with fake academic papers.

The MP was a makanga and cattle herder who now lives in a Sh100 million house.

Affluence is now the norm for this son of a charcoal dealer who has since been nicknamed the ‘Sonko of Eldoret.’ He rolls in money, power and all the controversies that come with wielding both. And he does not shy from flaunting his two wives. 

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The man who lost Sh11 million to ‘wash wash’ con artists says, “I was born in 1980, my parents were squatters in the Moi University area and all we had was a grass-thatched house in the farm of Mzee Kibor arap Talai who allowed us to stay on his farm but on a temporary basis.

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Sudi is now part of Ruto’s most loyal soldiers in the Tanga Tanga Army. Like a dog, he will take on anyone attacking his master.

This includes even President Uhuru.

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