Instances Oscar Sudi Has Left the Dead Rolling in Their Graves & the Right Minded Demorolized

Mention the name Oscar Sudi in most places in the Country Right now and the picture that run’s in the mind of many Kenyans is that of a warlord out to create hatred and put the Country in a Violence Mode.

It seems like this man Oscar Sudi thrives on planting fear and animosity among Kenyans. One would be forgiven to think that his second name is actually “War bin Violence”.

For sometime now, Oscar Sudi has been a war-monger with many Kenyans calling for his arrest but to no avail.

It seems like even DCI boss George Kinoti fears this man given the manner in which he has sat back and watched him continue to rant left, right and center. Could it be that his close links with DP William Ruto has given him an upper hand against relevant Security Agencies?

Oscar Sudi’s ranting is all courtesy of the 2022 General Elections where his main man DP William Ruto will be contesting and is in fact seen as the man to beat.

Sudi believes that there are forces out to deal a major blow to Ruto’s Presidential bid and as such has vowed to crush anybody who stands in the way of William Ruto.

He has taken issue with both the President and Opposition Chief Raila Odinga.

He accused Uhuru of joining forces with Raila Odinga to frustrate William Ruto by first linking influential allies to Ruto to the Corruption menace in the Country.

Well, a number of Parastatal heads from the Kalenjin community have been arrested in connection to corruption with the latest Dams scandal being like the last straw.

Sudi has time and again accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of using the handshake and the war on graft to extend his tenure in 2022

According to the man from Kapsaret, the handshake between the President and ODM leader Raila Odinga is specifically intended to fix 2022 politics.

He has even said that the people of Rift Valley are tired of “a lot of the nonsense being perpetrated through the so-called handshake”.

“I want to tell Raila we accepted the handshake but now we know what it meant. Uhuru should tell us what he is scheming with Raila. If he doesn’t want to go home in 2022 let him tell us,” Sudi said.

He alleged that Uhuru and Raila are using the handshake to block Deputy President William Ruto from ascending to power after the President’s term ends.

The Handshake followed by the War on Corruption seem to have invoked the Ugly Spirits in Oscar Sudi and he is now beating the drums of War.

He is inciting communities against each other which leave’s me thinking if this man has already forgotten how innocent blood was shed in 2007 when people went to war due to the clamour for leadership and power.

Is he that ignorant? What will benefit him to get power in a divided Country?

I believe that Oscar Sudi is deliberately deflating the wheels of William Ruto’s Political vehicle towards 2022 race to state house by selling the Ruto Phobia, a factor that can seriously injure Ruto’s ambitions.

Remember it’s Raila Phobia that has always cost Raila Odinga the presidency.

Kenyans Should avoid Oscar Sudi like a plague. It seems like his number one agenda is to see the Luos and Kalenjin Fight with claims that the Luos through Raila Odinga are out to lock Ruto out of Statehouse come 2022.

My only worry is this, When we fight, he, his family and siblings continue to do business with luos; business is usual to him. None of his family member will be involved. Kenyans should therefore be wise and decide on Whether to go the Sudi Way or the true Kenyan Way and Live in Peace and Harmony.


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