How Ksh 100,000 Has Become Peanuts Today. You’re Not Safe!

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Kenya’s economy has been going in a downward spiral to the point where the ‘so-called’ middle class are beginning to feel the pinches of a crippling economy.

What was once believed to be a decent salary for the common mwananchi is slowly turning out to be peanuts in this crippling economy where the cost of living is rising by the minute.

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What’s even worrying is that most of these problems are being caused by poor governance and rampant corruption even in sectors that were once believed to be stable.

If you thought a monthly salary of ksh 100,000 could guarantee you a decent life, you are wrong.

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In fact, it seems like they are now living from hand to mouth considering the skyrocketing cost in living that has made their lives impossible.

That being said, here is a breakdown of Kshs 100,000 that will leave you wondering just how miserable our country is turning out to be!

So you better be earning abover Ksh 200,000 to find life a little bit more carefree and interesting!

But if you are living off of 100,000 you better be financially sound with your money!

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