From Oscar Sudi’s Diarrhea to Raila Junior’s Big Mistake: Kenyans have a fools’ Day to remember

I understand it is April fools day but what was Oscar Sudi thinking when he decided to evoke the Mtu Wetu Syndrome on Sunday? The firebrand Kapseret MP was recorded on camera warning the Luo community and calling them kids. This is the most stupid he has been.

The senior tanga tanga member was a butt of all bad jokes on social media for the better part of Monday, as Kenyans took turns roasting him.

And they exposed him up to his bedroom. Kumbe this man has never uttered a word in government. In fact he doesn’t know the difference between a motion and a bill.

Tanga Tanga is known for huge church donations. The best these churches can do is to pray for Oscar Sudi.

Someone tell OSCAR SUDI he needs PRAYERS…..
Those churches they go do Harambees should prayer for this Johnny 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣@CisNyakundi @Nyasirwa @mzeegt @Mukami_Mungai— Roy Odhiambo (@RoyOdhiambo12) April 1, 2019

And someone decided to remind Oscar that he is stupidly insane and extremely arrogant.

Sudi is a loose canon but maybe he shouldn’t be given a microphone because he spews nonsense, a lot of nonsense. Why just not switch off the microphone?

Alafu there is a story about this man never attending school, maybe it is time he sat for his KCSE.

Even his own Kalenjin community warned him that they will not fight for him.

If you want war, then take your wife and children to Somalia, you will find what you want.

Maybe Oscar Sudi was just high on weed, we ask Kenyans to forgive him because sometimes our suppliers can really mess us up. Bro Oscar should change his supplier and know that Bangi siyo Supu.

Still on that Bangi stuff, Raila Odinga’s son Junior, has been advocating for the legalization of the holy weed. It seems he is also using it!

Junior had a Fool’s Day to remember after trying to troll former Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto.

It all started with a story on a local Daily, in which the former NASA Principal asked Raila Odinga to play his opposition role.

“We are of the opinion that this country should be united and Kenyans embrace each other socially and economically, the only issue is that we are used to being monitored to serve in a given office,” Isaac Rutto is quoted by the website.

But Raila’s son, whom we believe was high on the illegal stuff said that Rutto cannot lecture his father on any role he should play.

The first person to reply to the tweet asked him to check his spellings. What is wrong with Kenyans with grammar?

Revisit ur post and correct it..your mixing small letters with capital and it’s the name of your Dad ama mganga ni ivo— Hon.Magerer Junior (@JuniorMagerer) April 1, 2019

And another person asked him why he was calling his father Raila, yet the former Prime Minister insists on being called Baba?

U also call him Raila..Na vile me nang’ang ‘ana na BaBa..— Mongoose (@oronyi) April 1, 2019

Someone chose to school him on the meaning of opposition. Kenyans are good teachers.

Who is the leader of ODM? Isn’t ODM the major opposition party in Kenya. For this @RailaOdinga becomes the automatic opposition leader.
And if he is running away from the role the electorate gave him, then he can’t be trusted with any other bigger role.— Gitonga Mukunji (@realjohngitonga) April 1, 2019

Social media has a number of bitter people. This is one of them.

Yes… The funny thing is that you’ll live to see your father never become the president of Kenya has he did when his Father lived in Jesus name. Amen— Samwel Mokaya (@SamwelMokaya7) April 1, 2019

What role did Isaac Rutto play in NASA again?

If it was not for Isaac Ruto ,Raila could not even hold a breakfast meeting in Riftvalley. He could not even buy airtime in Bomet. He could not even say Hi to samakis in Riftvalley. Ground was hotter, acidic and Isaac was the base. Don’t try pinch @BometGovernor— Alphone Kipkoech (@alfoneke_kaka) April 1, 2019

I said earlier here that Kenyans are bitter people, so this one chose to invoke the name of Fidel Odinga.

Things can escalate very quickly in these corridors:

Mtoto wa nyoka ni nyoka tu, when Isaac supported raila no one would say such, now it’s a different story, if you know you know— Benedict kip (@benedictkip9) April 1, 2019

Someone should tell Junior that a person cannot smoke from his supplies, it can backfire quickly.

Away from all the politics, we know Kenyans are very creative people and being fools day, Kenyans were at their best. But nothing beats these couple that faked husband’s death to get insurance money.

Image result for shocked gif

Rachel Adhiambo received sh. 600,665 from Jubilee Insurance as compensation for the death of Ezekiel Ochieng.

According to details, the couple forged the husband’s death with all the requisite documents; He died in a road accident on the Kisumu Siaya Road on January 29, 2013.

Image result for I faked my own death memes

A police abstract from the Yala Police OCS reads “Hit and Run with a fatal case,”. They also had a certificate from a physician who allegedly attended to the husband and a Death certificate. Yaani, hawa walikua wamejipanga.

Image result for I faked my own death gifs

I know Kenya is a country of fake things, ranging from fake money to fake eyebrows, I just didn’t know we could fake death

That is Fools’ Day at a Glance

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