(VIDEO) Inside the ban of BBC and VOA in Burundi

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The Burundian government has for the second time hit the headlines for cases involving its citizens.

Last week, three students were arrested for scribbling on Presidents photo at the back of their text books.

The recent one is with the BBC where all journalists have been banned from working for the company and the Voice of America in Burundi.

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The National Council of Communications said it was forbidden for any journalist, Burundian or foreign, to provide directly or indirectly any information to the broadcasters.

It described as a lie a BBC documentary broadcast last year about killings by the security forces in a secret house in the capital, Bujumbura.

The Burundian authorities said the documentary violated media law.

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The BBC has previously said it stands by its journalism.

It has condemned the ban, calling it “a serious blow against media freedom”.

“We believe it is vital for people around the world to have access to impartial, accurate and independent journalism, including the 1.3 million people in Burundi who currently rely on BBC News,” it said in a statement.

The documentary that made headlines in the country is about a house in the capital which had some liquid flowing which was believed to be blood.

Here is the documentary;

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