Roger That! Why Outgoing IG is convinced he’s leaving a proud man

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After four years of service at the helm of the National Police Service, outgoing Inspector General Joseph Boinnet says he exits with his head high after overseeing a myriad of reforms.

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Boinnet took over the mantle of police service at a time the country was under tens of terror attacks, cases though not eliminated have reduced.

 “I want to thank each one of you for whatever role you did in ensuring that whatever we were required to do was achieved; I know you can all agree with me and shared the pride of satisfaction that since we started this journey in 2015, we have delivered on our mandate according to the law,” said Boinnet.

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Speaking during his last conference with regional commanders from various parts of the country at the Kenya School of Government , Boinnet urged all the police officers to welcome and support the incoming IG in ensuring service delivery to all Kenyans is achieved.

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“I did my best and maybe I could have done a little bit better, but I know I did my best; as I leave this position, I have one appeal to everyone of you; support the DIGs, the DCI and the incoming Inspector General,” Boinnet appealed.

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Boinnet radiated pride that during his tenure, the government motor vehicle leasing programme tackled the issue of police mobility while Group Life Insurance cover as well as Comprehensive Medical Scheme catered for the health of officers and their families.

He further stated that police officers are now liable for house allowance whereby those in General Duty will henceforth rent their own houses and live within the communities they serve as opposed to living in congested police lines.

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IG nominee Hillary Mutyambai is set to know his fate after he was vetted by a joint committee of Parliament once they table a report rejecting or upholding his nomination.

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