“This is an EMERGENCY” Jeremy Clarkson panics over frogs

Toad in the hole! Jeremy Clarkson declares an emergency as he finds a FROG swimming in his toilet in Asia

Jeremy Clarkson got the shock of his life when he looked down the loo on Thursday.

The Grand Tour host, who is currently on a tour of southeast Asia, shared the moment he discovered a frog in his toilet bowl and did not know what to do about it.

Declaring it an ’emergency’, the 58-year-old shared some pretty shaky camerawork on Instagram as he pleaded for advice from his followers.
It’s an emergency: Jeremy Clarkson declared a state of emergency on Thursday as he discovered a frog in his toilet

In two clips, Jeremy’s unwanted guest can be seen slipping up and down the toilet bowl, unable to escape, before retreating down the hole.

This is not an uncommon problem in tropical countries during dry seasons.

Sometimes, frogs can find solace in toilets after making their way into a residence, but other times a frog can swim to the toilet tank from the sewer line.

Yet Jeremy’s new amphibian friend didn’t seem to want to go back down the way he came, and kept reappearing in the short Instagram clips.

‘This is an EMERGENCY. I need advice,’ he said, issuing a warning that later said: ‘Toad update. May contain turd.’

Jeremy’s post prompted some unhelpful suggestions, like switching rooms with James May or getting Richard Hammond to ‘fight it to the death’.

However, others offered some practical advice about how to deal with the unwanted visitor.

‘Turn the water to the toilet off if you can,’ said one follower. ‘Then use a hanger or something similar to coax the toad out.’
Too slippery: The frog tried to escape via the toilet seat but found the bowl too slippery

Another said: ‘Put something in so it can climb out, it’s too slippy for it to get out itself.’

With perhaps the best advice, one other wrote: ‘Marigold on, arm around ubend, pull toad to safety whilst avoiding any rogue stools.’

Official advice issued by conservationist group, Frogwatch, suggests that frogs are ‘unlikely’ to be harmed by the flush of a toilet, so it seems Jeremy’s best option would have been to pull the chain.

However, cleaning the toilet with ‘chemical-heavy liquids’ is reportedly harmful or toxic to frogs, so the advice is to make sure the ‘frogs are out of the way before you clean a bowl.’

Instead, Jeremy chose an alternative option and opted to ‘retreat’ to the coastline while the drama unfolded at home.
Staying put: Official advice from Frogwatch suggests that flushing the toilet should not harm a frog, but chemicals will

Jeremy is believed to be in Vietnam after taking off for a ‘gap year-style’ trip in Southeast Asia, where he’s even been picking up rubbish.

He’s joined by 46-year-old girlfriend Lisa Hogan, who was seen posing with him on the beach earlier this month.

‘In other news from Vietnam, we’ve been clearing litter from the beaches,’ Clarkson posted on Twitter.

The 58-year-old has been travelling with Lisa, 47, through Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam – and has become something of an eco-warrior.

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