Secrets of daily diary of University Slay Queens finally revealed

Universities offer students a very crucial opportunity to learn, connect and explore.

However, with the emergence of Slay Queens in local universities, the trend of learning has changed. The innocent form four leavers arrive at campus as ‘freshers’ unaware what institutions of higher learning have in store for them. Most of them only to fall in the hands of ‘team mafisi’ also referred to as sponsors, who introduce them to ‘paradise life’.

Team mafisi know very well that there is no free lunch. Paradise life is usually a win-win situation. Therefore, Slay Queens have to bear with bedroom demands of the sponsors to sustain the status.

Weekends for these university beauty queens begin on Fridays. Studies have shown that Fridays’ lectures are the most boycotted lessons by students as the day is characterised with dates, sleepovers, and s3x demands.

Some of the students who spoke with us on condition of anonymity admitted it. ‘Friday ni siku ya kujinice’ (Friday is a special day for making fun), a second year student from a public university in Nairobi reveals.

According to her (let us call her Cate), sponsors usually pick them for night outs on Fridays and have funs on weekends until late on Sundays, when the cuties plan to travel back to campuses.

Monday presents a trick day for these beauties too. Usually this is a day full of hangovers following busy weekends. ‘My active day of the week starts on Tuesdays,’ says Cate.

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Basing our analysis from Cate’s revelations, we can comfortably conclude that Slay Queens have only three active days in school (Tuesday to Thursday), three days for weekend (Friday to Sunday) and a day of hangovers (Monday) following busy weekends.

These young ladies leave large at campuses, with most of them owning expensive phones, laptops and dressings.

According to According to the latest report by National Transport and Safety Authority, the highest number of road fatalities is reported on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The report, covering between 2015 and 2018, revealed that a total of 1,928 road users have died in road accidents in the period under review with 365 deaths this year, 414 in 2017, 461 in 2016 and 668 back in 2015.

This shocking revelations can partly explain the participations of university beauties in drinking with Team Mafisi.

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S3x for marks

Still s3x for marks is rampant in local universities in which ladies reportedly dish out their flesh to be awarded good grades.

According to latest reports the UoN which is the mother of all Kenyan universities, s3x grading is rampant. Slay Queens in most cases initiate sexual relationship with the lecturers by a way of dressing. A week lecturer cannot resist ‘a must notice dresses’ that some of these beauties wear.

Deal goes sour

Sometimes the relationships between the cuties and sponsors go awry. Some examples include popular Sharon Otieno, who was a second year student at Rongo University, who was carrying a baby of a powerful politician from Nyanza before she was murdered in a cold blood.

Sharon’s whereabouts had remained a misery since they were abducted with Nation reporter Barrack Oduor by three men who had posed has linkmen to a story source (what in media circles is called as FIXER).

According to a report highlighted by a local publisher recently, a young college student narrated: ‘a year ago, before moving out of campus student residence, I shared a room with four jamaas. One we named The Butcher because he ‘ate’ his ‘meat’ raw. And like a butcher, our room was his personal butchery, where he’d slice, hack and cut different types of meat daily.’

The report continues: ‘We’d leave him in the room at around 10pm to fetch food and on our way back we’d receive texts informing us that an exile was under way telling us to ‘tulia kiasi nikule hii kitu’. He’d do that and to an extent of importing a bird from a Mombasa University to the Diaspora Republic of Rongai and proceed to tap the young thing on the lower decker as I struggled not to mute out the sounds of Sodom and Gomorrah from the decker above his.’

First year campus girls are the most likely to fall victim to the banal charms of campus ‘players’. This is because most of them arrive in campus while still green and naive.

Most of them will have stayed with their parents their whole lives, and will just be experiencing full-on freedom for the first time.

So they will want to experiment with things; What does alcohol taste like? He’s cute, what will happen if I let him take off my panties? What do people go to do in clubs? How will boys react when I wear this mini-skirt to class? I bet they’ll fall all over my heels.

But, see, what first year campus girls don’t realise is that there will be boys waiting to exploit this naivety; boys who will have crammed their moves before they even make them; boys with sleek tongues and swift hands that will unclip their bras and unzip their trousers before they even realise what hit them.

First year campus girls, make it too easy for these members of ‘Team Mafisi’. The innocent young ladies should stop letting themselves get taken advantage of, they will have over four years in campus of experimenting with alcohol and s3x and relationships.

Watch a video of top ten Kenya Slay Queens.

 But when they start giving in up on week one, how much mileage will they have clocked by second year?

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