Laikipia Kids performance marred by jigger infestation

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Not only hunger but even worse jigger infestation among school going kids in Laikipia County has cost them their school performance.

Such is the cae in a school such as Mathira Primary School in Laikipia West.

This is mainly attributed to high level of poverty in the area.

Pupils are out of class as a result of hunger, and thus affecting learning.

According to the school senior teacher Shadrack Thamaini, most of the pupils who lived in abject poverty had been affected by the jigger menace due to lack of water.

He observed that there has not been any rain for the last four months and therefore, the pupils could not have access to clean water and even food.

He said this is why most of them have been affected by the menace and most of them could now not afford to walk to school, terming the situation as “serious”.

On Friday morning, a group of volunteers from the Foundation visited the school to not only mentor the pupils but also to extend a helping hand and rescued over 30 pupils at the school who had been affected by the jigger menace.

According to the Dedan Kimathi foundation field coordinator Elsie Mukami they witnessed how learning at the school was being affected and donated food stuff and medication to the school children.

Its Jiggers ambassador Ms Joylene Gathoni called on other well-wishers to intervene and help save the children from the jiggers menace.

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