Employees nickname to Meghan Markle that could anger Prince Harry

It is the way we live,act behave or even relate to those people that we live, work with or for a well as the people we often interact with, we tend to at a given point and time get used to one other o much that they become part of us.

In our work station,schooling times be it in colleges , universities or even in other classes, we usually give names to certain character and individuals, teachers and even our bosses and Prince Harry’s worker are no different, they’ve given their madam boss a name which many believe if the husband get to know it there’ll be a disaster….. but I bet he know it already.

Prince Harry will be “angry and upset” about reports staff at Kensington Palace have come up with a new unflattering nickname for Meghan Markle .

Tatler magazine claimed the pregnant Duchess is called ‘Me-Gain‘ by members of the team, including some of her own employees.

There have also previously been reports that she’s referred to as Difficult Duchess behind her back.

The Queen’s former aide Dickie Arbiter has spoken about how he thinks the couple have reacted to the news.

Speaking to The Today Show, he said: “He would be angry that something like this is coming out.

“He’ll be angry, he’ll be upset and he’ll want to keep his head down and he’ll want protect Meghan.

He’ll want to get the baby born and presented to world and then they can start start a fresh.

“They’re in a bit of limbo at the moment. They’re living at Kensington Palace, Frogmore House is being overhauled and until such time they can settle in there their life is a bit floaty at the moment.

“Once that’s out the way they can really sort of work together as a partnership, as a double act and support the Queen and support his father, which is what he’s there for.”

The couple are expected to welcome their first child in the next few weeks and are waiting to move into their new home Frogmore Cottage .

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