“Uhuru, Ruto, Maraga; the biggest impediment to war on corruption”- Kiboro

The War against corruption has got a major shot in the arm after Nation Media Group Chairman Wilfred Kiboro castigated President Kenyatta and his deputy for lip-service.

Dr Kiboro, who has had an admirably successful career, also implicated the Judiciary of self-righteousness while not doing the country any ‘justice’.

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He wondered why the President and his deputy had not responded to a report which revealed unscrupulous deals cut in Executive that fleeced tax-payers billions of shillings.

“A few months ago, there was a report that some of these people sell fake things. The deals were being cut in the Office of the President and the Office of the Deputy President,” Dr Kiboro said.

Died a natural death

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And that thing just died a natural death. It’s a serious indictment when such allegations are made. I would have thought that the Office of the President would say, ‘Look this was fake news; nothing like that happened’; or the office of the Deputy President saying, ‘Those deals were not cut in my office and that is fake news’.”

Wrong Direction

Dr Kiboro said the country is headed in the wrong direction and that Kenyans needed to evaluate themselves and forge a new path if any shared prosperity is to be realised.

“Kenyans need to acknowledge that something has seriously gone wrong with our society. When things that we hear every day from the media don’t prick our conscience, something is wrong,” he observed.

Judiciary must be questioned

Kiboro did not spare the Judiciary either, saying they have become an obstruction to the war on corruption.

The Judiciary, he said, will have to come clear to Kenyans on what their role is in the war against blatant theft of public resources.

Self-righteous Judiciary

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“This idea of self-appraisal, where the Judiciary gives itself very high scores for their work, is misplaced,” he said.  

He went on: “I don’t want this to be taken as an attempt to fight the Judiciary, but until Wanjiku sees a number of big, fat cats who have looted public money behind bars, and those cases being dispensed within a reasonable time, Wanjiku will never be convinced that the Judiciary is not sleeping on its job.”

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