Old golden days; Former PM Raila Odinga lights up twitter after sharing his #tbt photos

Raila Odinga,or call him ‘Baba’ his followers frenzy like calling him so, you can also put Engineer before his name and the followers will award you for such an honor, he’s an institution to reckon with,he commands masses after him.

Being Thursday everyone likes sharing their best or worse times of their years mostly in picture or in small stories and Baba could not be left behind being a Thursday.

In response to the former Premier, Kenyans were out celebrating him.

ODM leader Raila Odinga on Thursday lit up Twitter after he posted his TBT pictures during his younger olden days in Germany-Europe.

On a tweet on Thursday, Raila posted two pictures while hanging on a train in Germany taken decades ago.

“Hanging out and catching a train ride in Magdeburg, Germany #Tbt,” Raila tweeted.

With more than 2000 likes and 350 retweets, within minutes KOT was left laughing and excited at the photos.

@lukazzymchelsea said “waah you mean u didnt fear Hitler atokee kwa iyo bush.”

“These images alone will inspire many, LONG LIVE JAKOM,” @HelekiahG said.

@hecklemaniac said “Baba you were such an introvert…No wonder twisting your arm has never been easy.”

‏ @annlemaiyan said “You were a fine looking young man.”

“Did you know that some people will follow you like Alpha & Omega then?” @mush_muna said.‏

@bryan_seje said “Life is never fair…and now you the light of Kenyans.without you baba Kenya is unknown country….”

‏”Wow! Kumbe you started “slaying” long time ago?” @mouhsin94 said.

“There you go baba. Now take the SGR ride with museveni from msa to nrb to complete historical cycle,” @Oiriga said.

@elias_alukwe said “Enjoy as much as you can. But don’t forget that African railway system is pathetic. Gather enough experience to bring back.”

And the list goes on and on

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