NPS launch Trauma-Informed Initiative for police officers

Police Officers just like any other human requires both physical and mental healthcare.

The National Police Service & Green String Network (GSN) have commenced the implementation of the 12-month phase of Trauma Informed Initiative for NPS Program

This launch marks a critical milestone of the program which focuses on development of relevant content for the wellbeing and resilience for NPS and attendant security actors.

This program is a culmination of internal research, processes & practices within NPS that recognized the need to expand spaces and opportunities for well being of Police officers.

Police officers & other security actors experience routine trauma in their work hence the need to rekindle & enhance processes that would make National Police Service officers more trauma sensitive and trauma responsive in their personal & professional lives.

In a survey done by GSN in five counties, various publics strongly recommended that a program that focuses on wellbeing & healing of police officers & communities they serve is as urgent as it is necessary.

Therefore, the purposes of Trauma-Informed Initiative is to:

-Improve officers’ ability to recognize trauma in themselves & the communities they serve, to enhance creative and constructive coping skills that result to healthy relationships with communities.

-Enhance Police Officers’ repertoire of self-healing tools and frameworks.

-Build on the police officers’ resilience & creativity to enhance their soft skills in responding to challenges in their personal lives & in responding constructively to the difficult tasks of policing in a rapidly changing society

-support processes that enhance the role of police stations as avenues of healing both officers & Wananchi.

What do you think about this program?

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