‘I only want God to touch him,’ Key Ruto ally confesses what death wish to Raila meant

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After outrage that was sparked for allegedly wishing ODM leader Raila Odinga, Kimilili MP Didmus Baraza has come out to say that he doesn’t harbour any hard feelings towards Raila despite the comment that sparked an uproar.

Mr Barasa had on Tuesday at a media briefing of Jubilee MPs said: ‘”If I go to heaven one day, I will ask God why he did not take away Raila Odinga because this fellow we don’t need in this country. ”

A day later, the youthful legislator released statement that had a new version, claiming that as a Christian, he had called upon Mr Odinga, who is 73 years old, to get saved.

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“… when I reach heaven I will ask God why he had not called Raila Odinga.”

“I am a Christian and the meaning of ‘God calling Rt. Hon Odinga’ is actually him accepting Jesus Christ as his personal savior. I simply wished Baba to undergo spiritual salvation,” he explained in an unsigned statement.

The statement was posted on his Twitter and Facebook page.

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