How to spot a broke bf who lies unnecessary

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With the birth of social media, a lot has changed in our private life and how we see it. In this day and age, social media is being used as a channel to show what you’ve got, how better you are doing, and where you’ve been.

With this, new hustles have come to play. Unlike the traditional prostituting, women and men alike have taken to social media platforms to get themselves a sponyo.

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Women who haven’t bagged themselves a older or white guy have retorted to other means to keep up with their slay queen friends.

They have started to demand things from their boyfriends, struggling or well off, that they may or may not be able to deliver.

Boy Child struggles

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If you happen to have a decent conversation with the average African male about women, relationships and money, 8/10 of these men will confirm to the fact that women have become overly materialistic. Some say women nowadays demand way more than their mothers did in the 80’s.

Materialism is a phenomenon that has been existent long before now and most people in the 80’s can concord to this fact. However, with the creation of the internet and social media, the impact of materialism has been re-enforced between continents and viewed as a social norm.

Society has applauded those who showoff their possessions; such people are generally more famous, talked about, followed and loved throughout their social networks. They are the trend setters and followers of the 21st century.

Materialism is often attributed to “slay queens” and vice versa, the later can be considered the word of the year as it has been used widely this year and from all indication, it is going no where soon.

The current trend of slay queens and materialism has been the talk of the day on the lips of social media users in particular and the the entire public as a whole. It is believed that these ladies are Hype Beasts as they drive the trends in fashion, lifestyle etc. They can do any and everything for money and other material possessions.

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As you pursue your a welloff guy, here are some of the ways you can spot a broke guy (thank me later)

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