“Hawa watakiona!” Sonko to punish cruel city kanjos

Nairobi County inspectorate officers commonly known as kanjos are a lot hated by city traders for their callousness and viciousness in enforcing order in the capital.

In an incident witnessed by Daily Active on Wednesday these heartless city askaris were spotted throwing a teargas canister into a mini-bus full of passengers.

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The canister exploded, choking the innocent Umoja-bound passengers and started a fire that damaged the vehicle’s seats.

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The officers, who were marshaling traffic in the Central Business District (CBD), accused the driver of ‘obstruction and illegal parking’.

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“There was nothing wrong I had done because I had parked the vehicle by the roadside and I was not blocking anyone,” the matatu driver Patrick Kariuki told Daily Active.

A confrontation ensued with Kariuki holding forth he was not doing anything wrong.

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The ‘Kanjos’ reportedly then towed the mini-bus away before beating up the driver and his conductor.

Now, their boss –Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko– wants them punished.

“Hawa watakiona (They will face my wrath) Why throw a tear gas canister to passengers when provoked by PSV operators. My apologies kwa wale wametupiwa tear gas,” the County boss said.

This motorists one Derrick Mbugua today stood his ground against Nairobi City County Askaris who wanted to enforce the law past time. Mike Sonko. here are some rouge officers.

Posted by Lemiso Sato Emmanuel on Thursday, 8 November 2018

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