Why Kisumu Jumbojet returned passengers to Nairobi as other jets safely land

Jambojet flight to Kisumu returns to JKIA following bad weather

A Kisumu-bound Jambojet plane was reportedly unable to land at the lakeside town due to bad weather as other planes landed safely.

The jet was flying from Nairobi on Tuesday evening but was forced to return to the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) after failed attempts to land in Kisumu.

According to a reports, evening rainfall in the Kisumu resulted in poor visibility occasioned by bad weather. Passengers who were set to fly to Nairobi using the plane were hence booked in the Wednesday, morning flight.

The other airlines — including Kenya Airways, Safarilink, Fly 540 and Silverstone — however had their normal landings and take off.

Jambojet airline is often the last flight to land and take off at the Kisumu International Airport in the evening with the timing now changed to 7pm as a result of the ongoing runway repairs.

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