Whoa!Hottest Kenyan cops that can make your day

One thing that can make a Kenyan experience a little bit more enjoyable is if the police officer pulling you over is one of the world’s many hot female cops.

A hot Kenyan Policeman

If you’ve never had to deal with a hot policewoman in real life, you are truly missing out. You should take some more chances in life that blur the line of legality just to possibly interact with one of the hot Kenyan female cops on .

This is another hot cop spotted along Magadi road

Alice Bella Works in the high and mighty office of the president

Alice Bella

This other beautiful cop works in one of the prisons in Kenya.

This other beautiful one was spotted in one of our kenyan roads.She is a traffic cop.

It’s never a good feeling when you get pulled over for speeding (or something worse) by a police officer but honestly this beautiful ones will make you smile!

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