Uhuru’s visit at Harambee annex will not change anything, Says MP Ngunjiri

Nyeri Town MP Ngunjiri Wambugu has now come out to give his view following president Kenyatta’s impromptu visit at the Deputy President William Ruto’s office at Harambee Annex.

According to Ngunjiri Uhuru’s visit at the Harambee annex is not set to change how Uhuru feels about Ruto. He further urged that it does not matter how many times they appear in public together unless the DP stops his fight against Raila.

The MP has been at the fore front row criticising Deputy President claiming that he had no chance in the Central Kenya Region and that there was no debt between him and President Kenyatta.

Him and other Jubilee leaders including Nominated MP Maina Kamanda have been accusing the DP of corruption scandals and criticising the handshake between the President and ODM leader Raila Odinga

The message on his page attracted different reactions from his fans who sort different Opinions.

Here are some reactions.

Mohaa Merqtub Kijana fupi kanono huwezi jua tumbo ni wapi mgongo ni wapi? Are you a blogger or an mp?

Shiko Lydiah Steve Handshake my foot!!!
The so called “handshake” does not guarantee your Babu to be trusted

Kiruga Thuku Mhesh Ngunjiri Wambugu, at times you shock me outright!
Who didnt see Raila and co. calling Uhuru Kenyatta corrupt just before the last elections! Is that the fight against corruption you want the DP to join! Where did you ever hear the DP opposing the fight against corruption?
And furthermore when and where did you ever hear DP William Ruto opposing the handshake?
Infact let me tell you a certain truth, its not DP Ruto who shall oppose this handshake, its we Kenyans if the handshake is used to fight some people other than bring the envisaged unity…

Nikkitah Maria Nyambura When you talk about corruption do you know it starts with you? how dare you use public money to buy bundles just to post (Ruto, Ruto Ruto , kieleweke nonsense) day and night? ain’t you supposed to be serving people who voted for you? no mehe mehe facebook ta mûndû mûka

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