OUTRAGEOUS: Kodak Black forced to quit Instagram after claiming to be on same level as Tupac

Kodak Black had to go as far as shutting down his IG page after making the erroneous statement that he was on the same level as legendary rappers like the late 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G, and Nas.

There are certain things you cannot say on social media and get away with it.

Last week on his IG Live, the South Florida rapper began his rant, stating, “I’m the hardest rapper in the game, I promise.”

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He added, “Like, when you talk ‘bout me, you should put me in a category of like ‘Pac, B.I.G, Nas, den ni**as, you feel me? Like really listen to my shit. I don’t care about how I act, like, on the ‘Gram.”

Even though Black 2016 release, Lil Big Pac, showed a spoof cover of Biggie’s Ready To Die LP, people aren’t even ready to mention Kodak’s name in the same sentence as the G.O.A.T.s.

One user wrote, Cant believe Kodak Black compares himself to 2pac, Biggie and Nas. He’s not in the rap legendary status at all. He’s just garbage,” while another said, “He’s not even in Chingy, Fabolous or Lloyd Banks level.”

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