Niko Sawa! Check out Kenya’s newest track featuring Shappaman of Camp Mulla

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Kenyan artists Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari popularly known as BC have released a new smash single and their first release of 2019 titled ‘Niko Sawa’ featuring Camp Mulla rapper, Shappaman.

According to a press release by Anyiko PR, the song is off their debut joint album BC. The song is a hip-hop song encouraging guys to acknowledge their own success no matter how small it is as they are the ones who know what journey they’ve been through.

Speaking on the track, Bobby said, “This song is for those who love the deeper side of our lyrics.” The same was echoed by Calvo who said, “‘Niko Sawa’ is a masterpiece from production to execution.”

Shappaman spoke of his first collaboration with BC saying that “It was fun and easy to do. Nothing but good vibes from my big brothers, can’t wait to get more work in with them both individually.”

‘Niko Sawa is the ninth single off BC’s successful debut album released in 2017 was mastered at Decimal Records by the legendary Kenyan music producer Eric Musyoka. The song was produced by Dillie at House of Dillie and the video directed by Odibz of Team Mistari.

Comprising of longtime friends Bobby Mapesa and Calvo Mistari, BC was formed in early 2017. The Kenyan hip hop music duo unveiled their new merger while releasing their self-titled debut album (BC). Currently, still riding high with their hit singles from BC album, the duo is bringing back Kenya’s golden sound from 2000’s hip hop.

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