My poor mum sent me to a teacher who turned me to be his wife

Sometimes poverty can force one to go to unimaginable heights.

A young woman has narrated a painful life she has lived in the hand of a molesting teacher. Her poor mother, she says, who struggled to make ends meet used to send her to wash the male teacher’s house unaware that the teacher would use her daughter as a slave for his sexual needs.

Beatrice Oyombe fell in the hands of the teacher who was supposed to nurture her, but raped her then forced her to get rid of the pregnancy.

Beatrice said she came from a needy family and it was a struggle for her mother to send her to high school. “One month passed and I had not gone to school.

There was no money to take me to high school. One day my mum came home with some old school uniform and one exercise book,” she said.

The pair went to a local school where her mother pleaded with the head teacher to admit Beatrice to the learning institution.

That was the beginning of her end. She met a kind teacher who claimed he wanted to help her with anything she needed.

“I went to class and there was this teacher who told me he knew my sisters so he told me to say if I needed anything.

One day he helped me out,” she narrated.

The first act of kindness was a pair of new shoes which the ‘generous’ teacher gifted her. Beatrice’s grateful mother often sent her to the educator’s house to take vegetables and clean the man’s house.

One day, when the obedient student went over to the teacher’s house, he approached her and started touching her.

“He started kissing and touching me then I left. I went to his place another time and we ended up having s3x.

It continued for a while,” she said.

One day, the beauty noticed her periods were late so she decided to tell the man responsible for her woes.

“He told me I would not continue with my studies if I kept the baby. He then said he feared his image would be ruined.

After the abortion, he tried to avoid me and I felt so bitter. I wanted to revenge and die in the teacher’s house,” she shared.

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