Judge Smokin Wanjala describes his graft case as ‘cruel assault’ & premeditated

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Kenyans have been more than curious after graft light has put our trusted judges to handle the same cases on the spot.

However supreme Court Judge Smokin Wanjala has dismissed bribery claims levelled against him in a petition filed before the Judicial Service Commission.

In his response on Wednesday to the petition by Jared Ongeri, Justice Wanjala said he was equally eager to have the allegations investigated so his name is cleared and his reputation saved.

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Through Senior Counsel Fred Ojiambo, the judge denied all the claims raised against him but said he will cooperate with organs investigating the case to ensure a speedy and effective process.

Mr Ojiambo said the claims needed to be investigated by a multi-agency team as the petition in its totality is “premeditated, premature and a cruel assault without any factual justification against the character, integrity and standing of judges of the apex court”.

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As such, Justice Wanjala demanded that the identities of the people he was allegedly in constant communication with be revealed.

Two other supreme court judges have denied bribery allegations leveled against them in a petition filed before Judicial Service Commission (JSC).

Justice Mohamed Ibrahim and Njoki Ndung’u denied the allegations in separate replies to a petition filed by Jared Ongeri.

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