Blow given by witness in Ayub Savula & wives Sh122,335,500 advert scandal

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Many more cases are piling up the judiciary offices in embezzlement allegations that is turning out to be an alarming national disaster which is a huge danger to our economy in case a stern regulation action is taken

A public relations officer in the Health ministry has disowned a letter introducing publishing companies owned by Lugari member of parliament Ayub Savula and his two wives to the Government Advertising Agency (GAA).

Ms Judy Sirma said on Wednesday that the signature in the letter dated January 10, 2017 was not hers and that she did not recommend the companies to the GAA.

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Ayub Savula

Ms Sirma also denied writing another letter authorising payment of Sh4 million to a publisher, saying it bore her name but that her signature was forged.

Testifying before Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, she said, “I did not author the letter which introduced and recommended The Sunday Publishers Limited, which prints the weekly Sunday Express, to place an advert on a polio vaccine.”

The advert ran in the Sunday Express from January 22-23, 2017.

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Ms Sirma testified in a case in which Mr Savula his two wives – Melody Gatwiri and Hellen Jepkorir Kemboi – and their companies are charged with defrauding the government of Sh122,335,500.

They allegedly did so by pretending they could offer advertisement services in magazines with wide circulation in Kenya.

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