Avril slaps back at a fan for calling her ‘Washed Up’


Our musicians are not new to controversy and scrutiny.Kenyan musician Avril was left astounded after a fan told her off on her sound and style of music.

The ever sassy artist was criticized by a fan, who affirmed that it is time for her to go home and look after her child.

Beautiful Avril

In a segment aired on one of the local TV shows, the fan noted that Avril ought to evolve arguing that her style has remained the same over the years.

Making reference to her recent single, Kitoko, which Avril featured Congo’s L Rice, the fan stated that the song’s visuals are off and the audio also didn’t carry as much content.

Unknown to the fan, Avril was all the while standing behind him as he gave his critique.

The singer could be seen shocked and speechless as the fan asserted that her prime days were over and she should leave the platform for upcoming artists.Here’s her video

Posting the video on her social media, Avril tagged the producers of the song J Blessing (who worked on the visuals) and Saint P (who produced the audio.)

“Ka hi #Sikuhate basi ni nini. Na ati kuna youngin mahali anataka kuwa msanii, uko sure uk ready? Saint P huyu msee amesema yeye ni audio producer na #Kitoko iko down. Jibril Blessing visuals ziko chini, sikuwa na follow instructions on set. Ngai,” Avril captioned.

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