Sad..Mother Receive Death Threats After Her Daughter Is Defiled

Its so unfortunate that a nine year old girl’s life was never going to be the same again .On one evening at around 8 pm her mother left for the market and she for a green-grocer’s shop barely a minutes walk from their home.

It was a normal Tuesday evening when a Standard Four pupil’s life changed completely in the hands of her neighbours.

The family of three; mother and her daughters resides in Njiru, Nairobi, a low income area where police receive hundreds of defilement cases especially during the mid-term break.

On this particular evening, as the Standard Four girl ran her errands, she was met by two of her male neighbours who tied a cloth around her mouth and took her into their home.

One man, held her down while the other did despicable things to her.Moments later, the men let her go but with a warning.

“They put a knife to my neck and threatened to kill me if I told anyone,” she is quoted by the daily.She did not utter a word to her mother but when she found the courage to, confided in a female neighbour to whom one of the men confessed to defiling the girl.

Her mother, a hard-working woman trying to make ends meet, found out 10 days later. The girl, she says, complained of pain in her private parts and upon take a closer look, there was pus oozing out of her genitals.

A medical report obtained from the Mama Lucy Hospital indicated that there indeed was forced penetration but the hymen did not rapture.

Mama Lucy Hospital

A couple of days later the mother reported the matter at Kayole Police Station. The men would later be arrested, arraigned in court and released on a Sh300,000 cash bail.

Kayole Police Station

It does however remain unclear whether the men made bail or are still remanded at the Industrial Area prison.The mother said that it has been tough as they have been receiving death threats ever since her daughter’s assailants were nabbed.

Industrial area Remand Prison.

The Suspect’s Families have also been reaching out to the woman promising to payback money spent on medical expenses as long as she drops the charges.

They had told her that they would give her money for reimbursement for the expenses incurred in Hospital.She however declined their request.

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