Sad..List Of Kenyan Female Celebrities Suffering From Painful Periods

A woman in Pain

Endometriosis is a chronic debilitating disease that affects some women.

As a result, innumerable Kenyan women are suffering silently – some unknowingly – as a result of endometriosis whose symptoms of painful periods are at times assumed to be “normal” for women of reproductive age.

Elsie Wandera is the founder of  Endometriosis Foundation of Kenya , she is also a victim and a warrior of the painful had to endure severe period pains every month for 13 years before she could find out what was wrong.While in high school, the pains made her miss innumerable classes and in campus she was accused of “faking illness “just to attract attention.The Communications graduate lived with the condition popping painkillers and taking injections every time the pain became unbearable.

Elsie Wandera

Njambi Koikai was 13 and if she had known then that the excruciating pain she experienced was not normal and sought treatment earlier, She probably would not be in this pain today. Today, close to two decades later, She now knows the pain she has lived with was as a result of endometriosis.

‘Fire Mamma’ lived with the pain as my mum and grandma assured her that it would go away as she grew older. They told that once she got a child, the pain would subside. Njambi managed to live with this unbearable pain until 2017 when her lungs collapsed.

Njambi Koikai

Ciru Muriuki, who is currently working for BBC is a woman who is openly talking about her menstruation experiences, and more so, how it has been decades of excruciating pain for her whenever her period comes by.

Ciru Muriuki

Carolyne Wangari Verkaik,is former miss Kenya and now resides in the US .She suffered intense internal bleeding and checked in at St Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, New Jersey, for treatment. Upon examination, the doctors recommended that I undergo a hysterectomy.

The surgery was conducted the following day, and two weeks later, I was discharged. My condition worsened despite returning to the hospital for check-ups.

Mrs Caroline Verkaik, a Kenyan residing in US. She is the current Mrs. Pennsylvania.
Carolyne Wangari Verkaik

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