Meet the outspoken Nairobi Pastor who teaches Women on how to clean their “honey pot”

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Pastor JJ Gitahi of Priesthood Fellowship Church in Kahawa West isn’t new to most Nairobians and mostly those from Kahawa West ward.

Pastor JJ whose real name is James Gitahi Maina describes himself as a preacher, marital counselor, family and life coach.

He wears many titles and he is shy to express himself,on matters marriage and relationships,he is the best man to consult.He made a name while working as radio presenter at Royal Media services(Inooro Fm) Hutia Mundu program(Touch someone).

In an earlier interview with a local publication,Pastor JJ said that as a marriage counselor he teaches women how to make their marriage last forever.

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” Most marriages end up in divorce because a good number of women are not aware of how to keep their genitalia clean and fresh,”he was quoted saying.

He said that a smelly vagina and dirty panties are some of the reasons why a husband can leave his beautiful wife for a prostitute or a mpango wa kando.

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He says teaching women how to observe feminine hygiene is a ‘calling from above’.

“As a pastor, I counsel couples on different issues. Most men come to me complaining that their wives’ smelly privates are affecting their sex life,” said Pastor JJ during an interview with the Nairobian.

The controversial pastor, whose teachings are full of humuor, offers lessons on how to keep ‘Miss V’ healthy through his YouTube channel, seminars, radio and TV shows.

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JJ advises women against overdressing their goodies by wearing bikers and non-cotton panties which he notes lead to infections and bad odour.

“The woman’s genitals are like a river that cleans itself. Myths that applying mango and orange juices or yogurt in the vagina to make them clean are false,” he adds.

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Over the weekend,pastor JJ will be in Murang’a county,Kigumo constituency where he will guide men on how to have a health family.

In collaboration with County women representatives Sabina Chege and doctors,they will educate men on diet and how to escape the lifestyle diseases like diabetics.

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