If I go to heaven one day, I will ask God why he did not take away Raila, Says MP Barasa

The war of wars between ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s and DEputy President William Ruto is not close to the end as one of DP Ruto allies has come out wishing the orst for Raila Odinga.

While speaking in a conference Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa said, that he would ask God why Raila is still alive.

“If I go to heaven one day, I will ask God why he did not take away Raila Odinga because this is a fellow we don’t need in this country. When you see him you bleed.”

He further accused Raila of the many deaths that have happened in our Country.

The MP was speaking while accompanied by his fellow Ruto allies at Parliament Buildings where they further accused the former Prime Minister of eyeing the DP job.

According to Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro, “Raila is salivating for the DP’s seat. We know Raila has always wanted to gain power and because he cannot do it through the ballot, he wants to get power through the backdoor.”

The charged personal epithets appear to be sending the country back to the pre-handshake era which was characterised by heated political exchanges – some bordering on hate speech. 

Ruto’s camp appeared infuriated by remarks attributed to Orengo – threatening to sponsor an impeachment motion against the Deputy President over alleged corruption offences. 

The motion of no confidence must originate from the National Assembly and requires a two-thirds majority to pass. 

If the motion passes in the National Assembly, the matter is taken up by the Senate which is required to form a committee to investigate the merits of the impeachment motion before voting. A two-thirds majority is also required for the motion to sail through in the Senate. 

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