4 Things you need to know about Zari’s new lover

Zari has now found her happiness and is in drowning in a sea of love. The new bae is treating her like Queen Elizabeth. The man has been spoiling her with designer gifts and flowers.

Zari Hassan

A day cannot pass without him delivering flowers to the mother of five.

On Monday, he sent a bouquet of red flowers to Zari and the message on the box containing the flowers read:

‘For my Boss Lady’

Zari Hassan

There was also a card from the romantic man to his lover which read:

‘For the realest woman, i have ever known (bl) with love
boss aka king bae.’

Zari’s man has the potential of settling down with her and below are some of the things you didn’t know about him.

Loving and caring – He has proved he is both these things by doing a lot to the mother of five. From showering her with gifts to always being there for her, “King Bae” knows how to make her happy.

Zari Hassan

Wealthy – He drives a Rolls Royce, which none of Zari’s exes including Diamond Platnumz and late Ivan own/ owned.

Father figure – During weekends, he visits Zari’s palatial home in Pretoria, where he bonds with her kids. She has on several occasions filmed him playing with her daughter Tiffah and son Prince Nillan.

Romantic – From the Louis Vuitton bags, designer perfumes, clothes, and flowers, you can tell he’s indeed romantic.

Zari does not hold back to show him love either.

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