Who is The Big Enemy At War With Prophet Owuor? Here is All You Need to Know


Prophet David Owuor is apparently a disturbed man all thanks to Kenyans who have continued to attack and bash him across various platforms.

The Self Proclaimed Mighty Prophet of the Lord has now come out to sensationally claim that there is a big conflict between him and the enemy.

He has said that he has however forseen the smashing of the enemy.

The Prophet has however refused to reveal the true identity of this so called enemy.

“And there is other conversation of a big conflict with the enemy that I am not sharing at this point in time. But I saw the smashing of the enemy also, of the serpent; smashing of the serpent. But that conversation is not relevant to you now,” said Owuor.


According to Owuor, the only relevant information to Kenyans at this point is the fact that the Lord is escalating the process of removing his servants from this Land.

Owuor has disclosed how the Lord took him to the brook to reveal the news to him.

At the brook, Owuor says that the Lord provided him with very delicious bread and meat, and He was communicating with him from the brook.

The controversial Prophet says that the way Kenya has abused Him after he raised cripples and did other miracles only shows of how the Country has deviated from the pure ways of the Lord.

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“If you see the way Kenya has abused the Mightiest Prophet of the Lord, the Ones that have raised their cripples, opened the eyes of their blind, in mass, I do not know how many, there are one thousand (1,000) or more now, We lost track of these healings, many thousands of deaf, the deaf were more, HIV, leprosy, the sun has clapped, He has beamed from Heaven His CLOUD, He came Himself and settled on Them the Glory that is whiter than the Sun, that is why you can see the outline clearly within the Sun, He sent both the HOLY SPIRIT to light on Them, to identify them for THE MESSIAH, and all these things.

They have commanded Heaven to open, rain has come here, the Fire of ELIJAH has come down to identify Them, and many times They have said, “Do not let this Fire touchdown, this is burning sulfur.” The wells that were toxic but are drinking water and healthy, where they had no water,” Said Owuor.

Well, according to the Prophet, unless Kenyans change their ways, a mega fire will touchdown the Country and destroy everything and everyone.

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