“Nitasimama Imara” Ruto Lashes Out At Media and Opposition ‘Bullying’

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Deputy President William Ruto has stated adamantly that he will stand firm despite the oppositions failed attempts to fight him and tarnish his name.

Ruto further hit back at Opposition leader Raila Odinga, saying that the opposition is dead and hence, Raila has no mandate to lecture him on how to run the government.

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A visibly disturbed Ruto also said that everyone, including the media, is fighting him because they are afraid of fighting Uhuru.

“2022 iko mbali…watulize boli. Hakuna kity watanifanyia”

Ruto also reiterated that when Jubilee was launched, no one was supporting it back then except him, so no one should expect to eliminate him from the equation.

Here’s the Facebook of the sizzling speech!

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