Good News! Kenya-Rwanda Senates Sign MoU with deeper parliamentary cooperation

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A new MoU signed by Kenya and Rwanda, assured that the two countries would collaborate in their mutual interests in regional, continental and international multilateral parliamentary bodies.

Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has completed his four-day visit of Rwanda which realised the signing of Memorandum of Understanding that will see the Senates of the two States help enhance bilateral relations between the people of both countries.

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According to the MoU, both Houses shall develop administrative initiatives, including conferences, forums, information seminars, staff attachment programmes, workshops, exchanges and international events that promote examination and exchange of information on key bilateral issues and fundamental work and procedures.

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Lusaka and his host, Rwandan Senate Speaker Bernard Makuza concurred that their countries enjoy strong relationship and so a cooperation agreement between the two legislatures will go a long way in cementing these ties.  

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Lusaka noted that Parliamentarians were now, more than ever, stepping outside their legislative chambers to speak directly with their international counterparts.

“This MoU provides a solid framework for cooperation between our institutions where we undertake to among other aspects, foster inter-parliamentary co-operation in legislative and technical matters in thematic areas,” said Lusaka.

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On his part the President of the Senate of Rwanda, Bernard Makuza said that they want, among other things, to partner on having one voice on matters of importance to the people of the two countries at international parliamentary forums, and seek to exchange experience and expertise to further their operations.

During the visit that included a meeting with President Paul Kagame, Speaker Lusaka noted that there was good pace in terms integration in the EAC, adding that there was need for more efforts to make it a seamless, strong economic block, where member states are able to trade among themselves.

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“We even need to intensify our businesses, for example. Why do we take our coffee to, say, Europe, why do we take our sugar to say America, when you can bring it to Rwanda? Rwanda can also export a lot of things to Kenya, Tanzania and other neighbouring countries,” he said.

Both Speakers were optimistic that the relations between the two national legislatures would flourish and be in sync with the Executive-led warm relations exhibited by their countries’ Presidents.

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