Did Fatuma Zarika win through the Backdoor?

She goes by the name Iron Fist, but there is no doubt that Fatuma Zarika was the second boxer in the ring on Saturday night. How she won this fight is still a puzzle to not only this writer but many Kenyans who believe in Justice.

Phiri , who is inches taller than Fatuma threw in heavy punches that landed in the right places. There is no doubt that Fatuma went home with the most damaged face after the night.

Unajua hapo KICC ndiyo ilkua tallying centre ya IEBC. Did the judges use the same servers to award our girl the controversial win?

But when you see Denis Itumbi somewhere, just know results will be questionable. Anyway, they say mcheza kwao hutuswa, and Zarika really benefited from the home support.

There is a huge difference between football and boxing. In football, everyone knows the rules, but pale kwa ring ni judges tu!

We congratulate Zarika for her hard fought win, retaining the WBC Championship for the third time in a row is a big achievement.

So, what next for her? Get married?

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