Nameless sends romantic message to Wahu on her Birthday

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Kenyan Pioneer artist Nameless has today sent a romantic message to Wahu on her Birthday.

The celebrity couple have been on a trip in Watamu and they seemingly enjoyed their mini vacation.

Nameless comes off as the playful one and just the other day he set netizens tongues wagging with a photo of him grabbing Wahu’s booty.

Well, aren’t they just a lovely couple? Wahu and Nameless have been together for years and even have a family together. Nameless says that they have gone through so much together and indeed this makes them look like the full package of couple goals.

In his post,Nameless declared his love for Wahu and his prayer is that all her dreams and vision be realized with God’s guidance.

In a previous interview, Wahu spoke about their marriage saying that one of the foundation in their marriage  is how they support each other as a couple.

For them she admits that things are not 100% perfect once in a while they have had disagreements.

However, the bottom line for them is  the respect they have for each other.

Here is Nameless’s birthday message to Wahu

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Heya.. So some of you know one of our agendas for last weekends malindi getaway was Wahu birthday month. Alafu pia as you can see I keep telling you guys, I am the official Wahu Photographer(video evidence provided above) na sijawai lipwaaaaa!! Isokey, bado nakupenda!!! Anyway, March 22 is here.. Go shorty, it's your Birthday, so Fam, help me wish this kaModel of mine a blessed birthday and an amazing year ahead. May all your dreams and vision be realized with God's guidance. Happy birthday Babe.. enyewe tumepitia mob pamoja... Wacha tujibambe 💯💯...Alafuuuu, Munaonaje camera work yangu hapa by the way. Si ni Deadly!! I did a kasmall ameture edit of our katrip na pia of couse some getaway agendas I could not film😜. @mamutravel nyinyi ni experts👌🏾 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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