Yvonne Okwara breaks down hunger death leaving Kenyans more impressed with her than PhD Ruto

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Citizen journalist Linus Kaikai shared a clip from their news gang episode where top reporter Yvonne Okwara narrates the process and pain one goes through before dying of hunger.

Speaking during the Inter-professional Summit in Mombasa on Wednesday, Dr Ruto dismissed media reports that 11 people have died and accused “detractors” of diverting the government’s attention from the construction of dams that are meant to be long-term solutions to drought.

Deputy President William Ruto 

Those amazed by her quick time research said Yvonne did her research in four days and it came out very well explained with brilliance but after years of PhD studying Dr nanii(Ruto) said hunger victims died of diseases.

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Others wished she could stand in the middle of the road at Sugoi and shout her information for it to be gotten clearly by many.

Those who have given up on the other hand claimed Ruto will only accept Kenyans are dying of hunger if a postmortem is done on a dead person and hunger is proven to be the only cause of death.

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