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The rot in the Judiciary has alarmed Kenyan after new justice Warsame bribe allegations.This as lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s son autopsy reveal confrontation before he shot him and contradicting statements from the lawyers position of shooting.

Barclays bank scandal has overwhelmed Kinoti even as the crime has been linked to gold syndicate. In other sections a 52 year old involved in disabled’s trafficking has shocked many.


Rotten Judiciary as Court of Appeal Judge Mohammed Warsame faces graft allegations

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has received a petition seeking the removal of Justice Mohammed Warsame.

The petitioner, Wardere Mohamud Bule, has accused Justice Warsame of alleged bribery and breach of judicial code of conduct

He further claims that Justice Warsame received bribery money from lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi for onward transmission to his colleagues in the Court of Appeal to influence outcome of the cases before the court.

“Been following the goings-on on the Judiciary lately. I fear we’re loosing the tenets of Independence, integrity & fairness, and the leadership of the Judicial Organs are stoking the fires! Having lost Parliament & Most Independent Offices, the Judiciary Was The Last Hope!,”said Hon. Otiende Amollo

Political analyst Edward Kisiang’ani also commented saying, “The Judiciary in Kenya is a clear demonstration of how low our institutions have sunk. But we are not in this sad state coz of our own constitution. It is coz we are simply consumed by our own collective stupidity. We shud address this stupidity n 4forget about referendum.”


The magnitude of the unraveling scandal has given the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) George Kinoti sleepless nights with him asking journalists to give the agency time.

New details have emerged linking the fake foreign currency busted at Barclays Bank  to an international syndicate that sells fake gold

Two days after police found fake currency and gold stashed in two safe deposit boxes at a Barclays Bank branch in Nairobi, the transnational has suspended the service.


An autopsy report conducted on the body of Joseph Nyakundi – city lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s son – has now revealed that the deceased could have been shot from outside the vehicle and not inside as first reported.

This contradicts Mr. Nyakundi’s earlier claim that he was trying to holster his firearm while in the car when he accidentally fired, shooting his second-born son Nyakundi, 29, in the chest.

“The shot projection from the chest exiting at the back suggested that whoever shot him was standing outside the rear right back door of motor vehicle KCE 753B Toyota Axio which belongs to the father of deceased,” reads the report in part.

The experts said also suggested that there was a confrontation leading up to the fatal shooting.


Woman charged with sneaking disabled persons into Kenya from Tanzania

A 52-year-old woman was on Thursday arraigned in a Nakuru court for allegedly trafficking unknown persons into the country without legal documentation and consent from government agencies.

Appearing before Nakuru Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalo, Mary Mong’are was charged that on March 19, 2019  at Bondeni estate in Nakuru she illegally sneaked into the country 16 people living with disabilities from Tanzania.

She denied the charges and was released on a cash bail of Ksh.1 million or Ksh.3 million bond with surety of a similar amount.

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