Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior hits Uhuru on the head over Turkana hunger

Hunger that is biting the Counties of Turkana and Baring has continued to steer different reactions from leaders.

The move by the government to declare that no one has died as a result of hunger has angered Kenyans.

Deputy President William Ruto has not less than once argued that there are no records showing any death caused by hunger.

However, the disgusting photos of the situation circulating on social media has irked Kenyans.

Makueni senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior has taken a swipe at President Uhuru Kenyatta over government’s assertions that no single Kenyan has died of hunger despite many poor citizens sleeping hungry in several parts of the country.

The outspoken Makueni senator termed as insensitive the government’s persistent denial of deaths that had taken place due to drought and starvation in Kenya.

Kilonzo challenged the president to put his house in order and address the food crisis in the country so that no Kenyan goes to bed on empty stomach while their leaders are busy issuing precess conferences from the comfort of their air-conditioned offices in Nairobi city.

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