Osotsi move that may crash Musalia to death

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Nominated MP Godffrey Osotsi interdiction from the Amani National Congress by the National Executive Committee has been termed a very dangerous as it may result to death of Musalia’s political career.

The MP has been been accused by the party of gross misconduct,for the last two year Osotsi has been very loyal to ODM leader Raila Odinga than his Boss Musalia.

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Last year the MP together with Kakamega Senator Cleopas Malala were accused by the party of disrespecting Musalia.

Political pundits states that Osotsi has been very instrumental for the development and growth of the ANC party.

They argue that the MP holds key secrets to the party that Muluka may be worried about.

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The MP has warned Musalia Mudavadi of dictatorship noting that he wont be intimidated by mere threats of interdiction. Osotsi has said he will not bow down to intimidation and dictatorial that aim to kill his political career.

Musalia’s party yesterday expelled him from the party due to gross misconduct and misuse of office.

The move comes Barely two months after ODM expelled Malindi Mp Aisha Jumwa.

ANC has further sent warning to nominated senator Petronilla Were who it has summoned to appear before the National executive committee on Friday.

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“According to my understanding there was no NEC meeting held to deliberate on my dismissal and they should know I won’t resign and their case is dead on arrival,”he said.

The Mp further state that he will only respond to the allegations once his case is heard and be served property.

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The party has written to the Registrar of political parties Anne Nderitu and Clerk of the national Assembly Michael Sialai informing them of the party’s dismal.

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