Millions of shillings Nairobi county gets from rogue bodaboda operators

In a span of only one year, over 4,000 bodaboda have been impounded by the Nairobi County government for illegally accessing the Central business district (CBD).

From the arrests, City Hall has made more than Sh12.7 million from court fines and storage fees imposed on boda boda operators who have been flouting the ban.

In January last year, City Hall issued a directive allowing only those providing courier services into the CBD while those ferrying passengers were to drop them off at Ngara and City Stadium.

Congestion of city

The ban was issued to help decongest the city centre as well as to tame criminals.

Nairobi County Security Compliance chief officer Tito Kilonzi said that since the county effected the ban in May, 2018, a total of 4,190 motorbikes, as at March 4, 2019, had been impounded.

Reasons for arrest

He said the operators have been arrested for various reasons, key among them causing obstruction, riding on the wrong side of the road, dropping passengers at undesignated points, parking and riding on pavements.

Thousands have been arrested and charged with disobeying county’s policy and by-laws, he said.

“Court fines stand at Sh2.68 million while storage fees are Sh9.8 million. The charges range from Sh1,000 to Sh80, 000 depending on offence.

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