Governor Sonko Takes Precaution to Protect Himself From Janet Ouko’s Missiles

Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko wants Former Executive for Education and Sports Janet Ouko barred from posting defamatory posts against him on social media.
Through lawyer Stephen Mogaka, Sonko told a Nairobi Court that Ouko has continued to cause publication of defamatory words that have injured his reputation.

Instead Sonko says he is neither a bully or a chaotic person.

‘It is not fine to have people living under fear of blackmail, under fear of EACC arrest or locking up officers,” Sonko’s lawyer quoted the Governor.

According to Mogaka the words were uttered during a live interview by the Governor on 9 January 2019 while on air with Jeff Koinange of Citizen Television.

Mogaka on Tuesday stated that governor considers the libelous words being maliciously published by Ouko on a TV channel with wide coverage within Kenya and globally among pother social media accounts.

Ouko resigned from the County over allegations that funds meant for poor children in slums were were misappropriated.

The lawyer says that the words were understood to mean that Sonko is a bully, a blackmailer and a chaotic person undeserving to hold public office.
The matter will be heard on 3 April 2019.

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