FIFA hands African FA official Fagla life ban for bribery

Togo Football Association official Kokou Hougnimon Fagla has been banned from all soccer-related activities for life after being found guilty of accepting bribes and manipulating an international friendly, FIFA said on Wednesday.

World soccer’s governing body said Fagla, who is also a referee, had taken bribes in violation of the organization’s code of ethics.

“The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found Mr Kokou Hougnimon Fagla… guilty of having accepted bribes to manipulate an international friendly match,” FIFA said in a statement.

“The formal ethics proceedings against Mr Fagla….stemmed from an extensive investigation into various international matches that Mr Wilson Raj Perumal attempted to manipulate for betting purposes.”

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Mr.Fagla was also fined 3,000 Swiss francs (2,270.7 pounds).

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