Autopsy results land lawyer Assa Nyakundi into a muddier mess

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The situation is getting hotter as lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s son own murder is growing into a messier web with any new information that is cropping up from the investigations.

An autopsy report conducted on the body of Joseph Nyakundi city lawyer Assa Nyakundi’s son has now revealed that the deceased could have been shot from outside the vehicle and not inside as first reported.

This contradicts Mr. Nyakundi’s earlier claim that he was trying to holster his firearm while in the car when he accidentally fired, shooting his second-born son Nyakundi, 29, in the chest.

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Bloodstains were found on the upper left side of the back seat with a bullet hole visible about six inches from the blood stain on the backrest of the seat. The vehicle was also dusted for finger prints and samples collected for forensic examination.

Investigators further disclosed that Mr.Nyakundi’s glock pistol which was recovered from him after the fatal shooting was confirmed to be loaded with 13 rounds of ammunition and not 14 as earlier stated.

How do you think things will end up for the lawyer who was admitted after suffering shock attacks?

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