Wasafi Producer clarifies on Diamond’s collabos with Drake,Lil Wayne

Wasafi Producer Lizer has clarified on Diamond’s collabos with Drake and Lil Wayne.

The two collabos have been the most anticipated by fans yet again they have been left in suspense since the songs have not hit the music scene.

Speaking during an interview, Lizer confirmed that Diamond has a collabo with Lil Wayne only that it is still not time to drop the songs.

The producer also added that he already received the vocals and everything they need from Lil Wayne and he asked the fans to be patient and ready for the big tune.

Lizer also added that on Diamond’s collabo with Drake, he still hasn’t received the vocals yet.

Wasafi producer maintains that there are many collabos that are still not out yet.

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Wasafi Producer Lizer

Diamond Platnumz at the beginning of the year assured his fans that this is his year.

Last year, Diamond did not release any singles but mainly focused on collabos.

Are you looking forward to Diamond’s song with Lil Wayne and Drake? What are your expectations?

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