Tout destroys woman’s business for not loving him back

Vivian, Nigeria citizen, famously known with her social media name, Amyveev, has suffered great losses in her shop after a tout who asked her to be her girlfriend stormed in ad scattered everything.

Through her Instagram account, she shared the incidence. She wrote; “U drag my hands i refused u tapped me n i said leave me alone, so because u think u have powers, u came scattered my shop, where i make ends meet, and left freely just because i have no one to fight u… I hope this reaches the right eyes.”

Vivian then refused to respond to the catcalling and constant pestering. Phone cases, wires and chargers were all scattered on the ground and the distraught lady held onto what remained of her business. Now, she is crying out for justice and waiting for authorities to take action against the man.

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